2nd European Congress for Social Psychiatry

« Social Psychiatry in the Age of Informatics »

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30 years Jubilee of the Swiss Society for Social Psychiatry
The Swiss Society for Social Psychiatry (SSPS-SGSP) has great pleasure in inviting you to participate in the 2nd European Congress for Social Psychiatry – co-sponsored by the World Association for Social Psychiatry (WASP) and under the patronage of the European Psychiatric Association (EPA) – to be held in Geneva, Switzerland on July 1 – 3, 2015.
The main theme of the Congress will be Social Psychiatry in the Age of Informatics, encouraging a correlation of clinical and research perspectives at various levels of understanding and action, from prevention to treatment.
Renowned European experts in the field will give keynote lectures, as well as leading Symposia and Workshops. Simultaneous translation (English-French) will be provided for plenary sessions and some Symposia.
For the Organizing Committee and Swiss Society for Social Psychiatry
Chair and Co-Chairs :
Prof. Yasser Khazaal
Dr. Ruth Waldvogel
Dr. Gea Besso
For the Scientific Committee:
Prof. François Ferrero Prof. Yasser Khazaal

Scientific advisor:
Prof. Norman Sartorius

For the World Association for Social Psychiatry
Prof. Thomas Jamieson-Craig

Impressions of the 1st European Congress of Social Psychiatry 2012